Regency Romance

coverShe Shall Be Praised
A Leighton Sisters Romance

Paris, France 1817.
Tender-hearted Katie Leighton can’t resist a stray mutt or mangy cat, much less the outcasts of society. When she accompanies her sister Hester and brother-in-law Gerrit (from The Rogue’s Redemption) to Paris after the fall of Napoleon, she prefers visiting the wounded and maimed veterans living out their days at the military old age residence of Les Invalides than seeing the sights. But when one young French soldier begins to steal her heart, she resists telling her family. Will they think it’s only pity that draws her to the embittered, wounded man?
ISBN1-10: 150897165X
ISBN-13: 978-1508971658

RAxtell_RoguesRedemptionThe Rogue’s Redemption

Haunted by war and his own dissolute behavior, Gerrit Hawkes finds no peace in postwar 1815 London. While the rest of society celebrates the British victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, Gerrit seeks to escape the memories that haunt him.

Into his life steps Hester Leighton, from the Maine Territory across the ocean. Despite his warnings, Hester puts her trust in him. She refuses to see the evil and darkness he keeps telling her is in him. Knowing he needs the Redeemer’s love, she offers him the gift of friendship. When her father takes her back home, Gerrit must face the prospect of remaining in London and completing the self-destruction he’s begun, or leaving all his familiar moorings and following the only woman who offers him hope.