Maine Historical Romance

lady_and_loggerThe Lady and The Logger

Continuing the story of the Brentwood family of Holliston, Maine from Her Good Name

Annalise Brentwood has given up on love and marriage. She’s the kind of girl young men don’t look at twice if a more vivacious girl is nearby. On the verge of twenty-four, she knows her suitors are only interested in her family name and father’s wealth.

When brash logger Ashton West rolls into Holliston, Maine on the spring river drive, he takes one look at Annalise and decides she’s the one for him, little knowing who she is.

But it’ll take a lot more than swagger and charm to win the shy and bookish daughter of the town’s leading lumber baron—especially when her father decides to establish a town library and puts his daughter in charge, with handsome librarian Edmund Kimball to work alongside her.

Her Good Name by Ruth AxtellHer Good Name

The Brentwood Family of Holliston, Maine, 1892

No matter how striking she is, a fisherman’s daughter doesn’t stand a chance with Warren Brentwood, the heir of the local lumber empire. So in an effort to better her life and eventually catch Warren’s eye, Espy takes a job at the local professor’s home. But when the professor begins to tutor her, the rumors begin to fly.

Scandal turns Espy’s world upside down and she flees town in disgrace. Alone and penniless, Espy has nothing left but her faith when she is rescued by a missionary family. Espy longs to return home freed from the lies that surrounded her departure. But will anyone–particularly Warren–believe in her professed innocence?
ISBN 10: 0-8024-0627-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-8024-0627-0