Victorian Springtime Launch of a New Series

IRuthAxtell_VictorianSpring‘ve just written and published a new Victorian romance, Victorian Spring.

Victorian Spring is the start of a series I envision featuring Mabel Atwood, a 50-something widow, who is governess to a 13-year-old girl, Natalie Sherwood.

But Mabel is not just a governess. She’s also an inveterate, unapologetic matchmaker. When she sees two individuals who seem destined for each other, she doesn’t hesitate to give a little nudge when necessary.

So it is when she observes Constance Whitaker, who has just moved into the town house next door in this quiet Kensington neighborhood in London in the late Victorian era. She knows those two children the young governess is going to take charge of are termagants who have already gone through four governesses. What a pity the young woman must subject herself to that life–the Uptons are snooty, nouveau riche sorts, nothing like her own employer, Angus Sherwood, a widower for seven years.

Now, if Angus should meet Constance…hmm…

Mabel doesn’t end up having to do too much when Angus comes to Constance’s aid one showery April afternoon…

Read this novelette if you want to find out what happens to the lonely widow and widower.

Victorian Spring, A Matchmaking Governess Novelette

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