The Rogue’s Redemption

I’ve just updated and re-published one of my regency romances that was previously published by Steeple Hill.

The Rogue’s Redemption is very dear to my heart. I love dark, tormented heroes who find the Redeemer’s love. Such is the case with Gerrit Hawkes, my villian in a previous regency, Dawn in my Heart. He was the wickedly handsome and charming redcoat, a captain in the elite Coldstream Guards, who ravished the heroine Lady Gillian Edwards.


The Rogue’s Redemption

But war has left him disillusioned, empty, and suffering from PTSD. As the rest of London celebrates Wellington’s final victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, Gerrit tries to obliterate the torturing memories in drink and gaming. Anything to forget the young men–barely out of boyhood–he bayoneted on the bloody battlefield but who helped earn him his promotion to major.

Into his life steps Hester Leighton, a 24-year-old American whose faith in God shines from her. Being introduced to the London ton, she feels like a fish out of water, and despite her strong faith, she finds herself hard-pressed to navigate its treacherous waters.

Gerrit offers her friendship, but when she departs for America once more, he is left facing the reality of his bleak existence and sure self-destruction. Continuing in his world becomes impossible but setting out to the wild new world with nothing to call his own, to win the only woman who offers him salvation, is more daunting than any battlefield he has ever faced.

If you’d like to read The Rogue’s Redemption, you can download it from Amazon by clicking on this link: The Rogue’s Redemption

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5 Responses to The Rogue’s Redemption

  1. Tom maple says:

    Powerful, well-researched and written with Ruth’s usual attention to historical detail and biblical truth—- The Rogue’s Redemption spoke to me emotionally and spiritually, all the while providing a fun and adventuresome ride!!

  2. This sounds like a great read. For some reason I thought this was a secular book. I’d seen it advertised. Also, didn’t know you wrote it, Ruth. thanks for sharing.

  3. Lisa Carter says:

    Hi! I have enjoyed the Leighton sister books and the Other 2 books : Moonlighting Mascarade and its sequel. I was just wondering if there will be a 3rd to the Leighton sister books? I love your style of writing. I get transported to wherever the book is taking place. 🙂 Please let me know about the Leighton sister books. 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Lisa, So sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I do have a Book 3 to the Leighton Sisters novels. I’m not sure when it will be out, though. If you are interested in more reading of that series, try Winter Is Past and Dawn in my Heart. They are previous to The Rogue’s Redemption. Ruth

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