Moonlight Masquerade

This month is the release date for my latest regency romance, Moonlight Masquerade, a story of intrigue and love in that era ripe for romance and risk, the Napoleonic Wars.

Céline Wexham and Rees Phillips, aka Harry MacKinnon, are neither one whom they appear. One suspects the other but they’re quickly drawn to the enemy. How will they overcome the differences that make it impossible to reveal their love?

To read about some of the books that influenced me in writing this spy story, visit Joyce Lamb’s HAPPILY EVER AFTER Blog

Later this month, Regency Reflections blog will run a special week-long contest. Starting March 18 through Friday, March 22, we’ll feature Regency quiz questions at the end of each post. To enter the contest, you’ll need to correctly answer the questions in the comment section below. For every correct answer, your name will be added into the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card . There will be five questions in all, which means your name can be entered up to five times (if you get all five questions right). The deadline to answer ALL CONTEST QUESTIONS is Saturday, March 23 at midnight.


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  1. Lynette Hill says:

    Our son, Brandon Hill, who photographed and designed the cover for Moonlight Masquerade, recently introduced me to your work and indicated that he thought I would enjoy reading your works as well as following you. I am looking forward to ordering Moonlight Masquerade asap, since it sounds extremely interesting!

    Lynette Hill

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