Fall Fiction Scavenger Hunt Ended

Thanks to all who stopped by over the weekend and participated in the Fall Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. This was the second scavenger hunt of this type, but not the last! A Spring Scavenger Hunt is being planned with another slate of authors and their latest Christian novels. We’re already brainstorming how to make it easier and more efficient. Any suggestions are welcome! Congratulations to the ten winners of Her Good Name (listed in the previous post).

Boats in the Harbor – Ruth Axtell

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2 Responses to Fall Fiction Scavenger Hunt Ended

  1. C.E. Hart says:

    I am already looking forward to the next scavenger hunt. I had a lot of fun on this one and learned about so many great books and authors!

    I’d like to make a suggestion. If there was a post at the end of the scavenger hunt contest (perhaps on each of the participating blogs?) listing the winners of – not only the scavenger hunt grand prize – but each individual blog’s bonus prizes – that would be especially helpful. I’m searching through each blog now trying to see if I was a lucky winner, and some are posting their winners on different dates – so it’s difficult to remember which ones I’ve checked and which I haven’t. haha Having ‘all’ the winners in a central list would be great.

    Thank you again, for participating in the hunt. It was very exciting. 🙂

  2. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, C.E. I’ve passed it along to the other authors. We are discussing things that worked/didn’t work/how to do this better, so all comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

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