Medieval Time Travel

Want to travel back to mid-fourteenth century England?

You’ll have a great visit and meet some very interesting people in Deb Kinnard’s new book, Seasons in the Mist. Her heroine, Bethany, stumbles through some kind of time portal into a manor house in Cornwall. Luckily for her, she is a medieval scholar, so she can quickly make herself understood in Middle English. Explaining her jeans and t-shirt are a bit more challenging.

Once she has satisfied her hosts that she has lost her memory and was most likely set upon by thieves, she is taken to the nearby lord, Baron Michael Veryan, whom she must convince she is legit.

When the two lay eyes on each other, they don’t realize it yet, but 21st century Bethany has met her destiny…

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  1. Oooo, love the premise for this story!!
    Thanks for sharing, Ruth.

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