Halfway Point! Yippee!

Yesterday, I reached the halfway point in my current WIP. Ahead of schedule! What a good feeling. I’ve been whipping along, since I’ve had a lot of alone time in the last couple of weeks. Amazing what a difference that makes.

I’ve also given myself the freedom to write garbage. I told myself, relax, this is only the first draft. Just let the words flow, write what comes into your head, there’ll be time enough later to sort out the chaff from the wheat.

I’ve also realized with this manuscript number, let’s see…14th (not all published) that this is the most special time of my story, when it’s the first time for my characters & me. I used to think the 2nd or 3rd rewrite was the best time to enjoy my characters. Their most obvious flaws were being smoothed out by then. By the time I get the published book, my heart is into other characters and I’ve read their story once too often in final edits & proofings to enjoy it as I once did.

But with my current manuscript, I’m beginning to understand that this virgin territory I’m treading is the most special time. The hero & heroine’s words are being spoken for the first time. Their angst is my angst. Ohhhh. Will he win her? Will she succeed in breaking down those emotional barriers he’s built up???

Stay tuned.

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  1. I came to your blog from the Steeple Hill authors boards.

    I love the line about giving yourself permission to write garbage in the first draft. I’m not a published author yet, but I know that when I gave myself the same permission I was able to get some writing done. If I wasn’t constantly self-censoring, I could actually get some words written.

  2. Yeah, Ruth, I like the part about giving yourself permission to write garbage. I get so wrapped up in wanting to write perfectly from the get-go, it stifles the creative process. BTW, I’m glad you have a blog- it’s so much “cleaner” than mine. *laughs*
    Allison (guess who?)

  3. Hi Allison & Nike,
    Glad you stopped by. My blog gets lonely! :(.
    Yes, after my last few books, where I was stressing too much about the quality of my writing, this time, I’m just letting it all hang out 🙂
    That’s what rewriting is for. I know I’m going to go waaaaayyyy over word count, but I’d rather have stuff to cut than try to structure myself too much at this point.

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