Beginning a new story…dipping one’s toe into that uncharted water…

This time it’s a new regency series. I use the term ‘series’ loosely, since my stories haven’t really been series. I just frequently end up becoming interested in a secondary character and then have to go on and tell his or her story in another book.

So far, for this series, I only have two books in mind, one for the sister, and one for the brother. I’ve already turned in the sister’s story, which is due out this coming August. Notes on that are in earlier posts; it’s entitled The Making of a Genleman. The manuscript I’m just beginning this month is the brother’s story; he’s a curate in an outlying parish of London in 1815. I’ve tentatively entitled the story A Man After God’s Heart, but that’s only a working title, and I won’t be surprised if it changes.

The wonderful thing about this story is that I already know pretty much where it’s going. The Lord has given me a well-mapped out plot and fully-formed characters. Glory be! It can make all the difference in writing.

Still, there’ll be blood, sweat and tears before it’s through.

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