Is It OK For Young Adults Read Romance Novels?

March 2, 2020 Family

Because of technology, it is now easy to be entertained. With just a small device, you can do anything with it. You can listen to music and podcasts, read, and even watch movies and shows anytime and anywhere with the help of the internet. Because of that, it seems like other things are irrelevant now. But it is not really the case. You can still enjoy them and introduce them to your children, so they will experience it themselves. You can do that by going out and unplugging.

Reading is also a great tool to escape. Paper books seem to be a waste because you can do it with gadgets, but nothing beats a physical book, and you can say so to them. There are a lot of books aimed for young adults, and it is in different genres. And of course, at their age, they are curious that they would want to try and see them. Romance would be one of them. It would be a big question if it is acceptable for them to read about it.

If they are just starting, why not join them so they can have the following:

Proper Guidance

We all know that no matter what, they will be curious, so they will definitely look or search for them. If you are a bit worried about the content, what you can do is guide them. You can do that by having your own reading club. With that, you can be able to choose what you can read or if they have suggestions, you can also see it. Then, you can guide them whatever the content will be. You can voice out your opinions and even their’s. You can teach lessons and advise them. It will be great for them to be more open.

Proper Encouragement

At times, the reason why young adults get to be rogue or do things in secret is that they are full of restrictions. You can always encourage them to try something as long as you know it is good for them and not bring them down. You can still have restrictions but not to the point they feel confined. As mentioned above, you will just have to properly guide them. There will surely be outside influences but make sure that you also have it for them. That can be covered if they have respect and also see you as a friend.

All in all, it is okay. They are curious and also at the age that they are interested in it, so let them be. There are a lot of romance novels available that are targeted for young adults and why not start with those? If you think they are interested, you can give them as a gift so that they will be guided accordingly and also be encouraged. As a parent, you will just have to support them and teach them. In the end, they are their own person, but you can assure them that you will be there in every step and decision they make.

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